Bundhaya Speed Boat cover image
Bundhaya Speed Boat cover image

Bundhaya Speed Boat

Fast travel to Pakbara, Langkawi, Lipe, Bulone, Mook, Ngai, Lanta, Phi Phi and Phuket

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Select Bundhaya Speed Boat if

  • you want a fast speed boat
  • you want absolute safety

Boat Features

  • Speed boat 75 seats, 45 seats
  • Ferry 152 seats, 209 seats (Langkawi — Koh Lipe)
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Bundhaya Speed Boat

Bundhaya Speed Boat company has provided a transport service since 2008, and this relatively new operator offers high-speed transport between Langkawi and the islands off the west coast. 

The company is certified by the Marine Department. The safety of passenger and customer care are at the top of their values system. Bundhaya provides an international standard quality of service.