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Ferry service for Singapore

Discover Singapore and all its' weekend getaways from Singapore to Bintan Island, from Singapore to Batam. Our website will help you to get to the Bintan and Batam islands quickly and comfortably. Our excellent business partnerships make DuckFerries the best place to book your fast boat ticket from Singapore to Batam or Bintan. You are welcome to find here other fast boat and ferry services from Malaysia to Singapore, from Indonesia to Singapore. From Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal. 

Weekend getaway from Singapore

When you have the whole weekend to go out in Singapore or you looking for the next destination after visiting Singapore you should know about the two popular Indonesian islands Batam and Bintan. From Singapore to Batam, the ferry is quick and reliable transport. Batam also has an airport but the travel from Singapore to Batam is only 50 minutes. It depends where in Batam is your boat heading. The getaway from Singapore to Batam or the getaway from Singapore to Bintan is worth the short travel. The weekend trips from Singapore to Bintan to Batam Island is more relaxed and less expensive than staying in Singapore. The quality of services on Batam and Bintan Island is growing every year. Look at all the ferry schedules.

HarbourFront Centre Ferry Terminal

HarbourFront Centre Ferry Terminal

How to get from Singapore to Batam

There is just one way to go when traveling from Singapore to Batam island. It is the fast boat that departs from the Harborfront Centre Terminal to Batam. There is no direct flight from Singapore to Batam because Batam has a local airport serving only domestic flights. The ferries from Singapore to Batam go often and it is fast. The fist ferry from Singapore to Batam leaves at 7:40 and the last ferry leaves at 21:50 Singapore time. The duration of the cruise is less than 1 hour. There are more harbors available on Batam Island. The port Batam Centre is right in the city center. Harbor Bay is close to the city of Batam it is the harbor on the west coast of Batam city. Even more west outside of the Batam but still in the north of the island is the harbor Sekupang. The most eastern part of the island on the north is accessible via harbor Nongsa Pura.

HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal to / from Batam Centre (55 to 70 minutes)

HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal to / from Harbour Bay (40 to 50 minutes)

HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal to / from Sekupang (40 to 50 minutes)

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to / from Nongsa Pura (40 to 50 minutes)

Harbor Bay Terminal

Harbor Bay Terminal

Sekupang Terminal

Sekupang Terminal

Nongsa Terminal

Nongsa Terminal

How to get from Singapore to Bintan?

Bintan is another great weekend getaway from Singapore. It is only 1 hour away from Singapore. The harbor to catch a ferry from Singapore to Bintan is called Tanah Merah ferry terminal. It is close to the airport. The fist ferry from Singapore to Bintan - Tanjong Pinang is at 8:40. The first ferry from Singapore to Bintan Lagoon Bay leaves at 9 am. If you want to go to Bintan Bandar Bentan Telani the first ferry leaves at 8:10 am. There are 3 companies that organize cruises from Singapore to Bintan.

Tanah Merah to Bintan Lagoon Bay (75 minutes with The Mozaic Ferry Lines)

Tanah Merah to Bintan Bandar Bentan Telani (60 minutes with Bintan Resort Ferries)

Tanah Merah to Tanjong Pinang (75 minutes with Sindo Ferry)

Bintan Bandar Bentan Terminal

Bintan Bandar Bentan Terminal

Tanjong Pinang Terminal

Tanjong Pinang Terminal

Bintan Lagoon Bay

Bintan Lagoon Bay

Do you have some time left before your trip from Singapore to Bintan or Batam?

It is great because there many exciting aspects of Singapore that you’ll have time to discover. It is the ubiquitous collage of cultures, where people of different ethnicities and beliefs live next to each other. Besides a vibrant multicultural atmosphere, this facet is present in the diversity of cuisine. Dining, along with shopping, is said to be the country’s national pastime. The flea markets and indoor food markets are therefore well worth exploring. You’ll find everything from dried spices and noodles to fresh poultry and frog meat. A walk through China Town or spending some time in the botanical garden will give you an opportunity to read a local story from the paper The Straits Times that has been reporting these stories since 1845. To learn more about Singapore, visit the Art Science museum to see the upcoming events.

Botanic Garden Singapore

Botanic Garden Singapore

What else is great about Singapore and you may do not know?

The nation living in the Republic of Singapore that is the smallest country in Southeast Asia is known for the unprecedented transition from a developing to a developed country in one single generation. It is the main island called Pulau Ujong, where most people live. A very busy human-made causeway connects the island with Malaysia city Johor. The density of the city, with over 5 million residents is similar to Hong Kong. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a first-class living environment filled with parks and high-rise buildings. It has become a global hub for all industries. A great example is the logistics and transportation industry with the single window system allowing to proceed with all the necessary papers in one online window. Similarly, on our website, you can buy tickets for a fast boat with just a few clicks from Singapore to the Indonesian recreational islands Bintan and Batam.

Singapore is also known for its political stability and harmonious social order. Even though 17 million tourists visit Singapore every year, the city stays clean because of the strict laws set in place regarding litter. Considering that fine for littering can be as high as $1000 (US). In addition, Singapore still practices punishment in the form of caning, which may be imposed for such offenses as rape, rioting, or vandalism. It is rather a peaceful atmosphere. In fact, tourists elected the Changi International Airport as the best airport in the world four times in the row. In 2019 the airport was decorated by an art installation of the biggest inside waterfall called Rain Vortex. 

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Getting from Singapore to Batam is Easy and Fast. It is only one hour ride with a speed boat or fast ferry from Singapore to Batam. Enjoy a weekend getaway or even one week in Batam.

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An easy and fun ride from Singapore to Bintan or from Batam to Bintan. Weekend getaway to Bintan and what is there to enjoy.

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