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Getting There: From Bali to Gili Air, complete guide

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Have you ever visited Gili Air? If not, it's about time you did! This island in Indonesia is one of the perfect places on Earth. There are so many natural wonders to explore and adventures to be had that it's hard to know where to start. One experience that everyone should have is traveling from Bali to Gili Air. It may seem like a daunting task, but we're here with some tips for how best to do this!

It's easy to get from Bali, Indonesia, to Gili Air. The route is about 43 miles (70 km) and involves taking a boat for part of the journey and driving on land in your car or a shuttle bus. 

Getting there

Going by public ferry

To get from Bali to the Gilis by public ferry, you need to consider that it will be a long journey, as you will be taking two different boats. The first boat is the Padang Bai-Lombok Public Ferry which departs every hour and takes about 5 hours in travel time. Then there's another boat at Lombok - Gili islands with wait times included meaning total traveling time would come up around 8 hours!

Public ferry from Bali to Lombok

If you are looking for something faster and more comfortable, you are in luck.

Consider fast boat to Gili Air

It's quick and inexpensive! If you use a ferry service, the first thing to consider is what port in Bali you want to depart from. There are four choices: Padang Bai, Sanur, Benoa, and Amed. Luckily, most fast boat operators provide a free shuttle bus that will take you to the harbor. Or if you want you can pay extra and have a private car just for yourself. Also, there is airport pick-up available.

Traveling from Ubud to the Gili islands

if you are asking how to get to Gili Air from Ubud, you are in the right place! You can choose one of the fast boat service providers. The logical harbor that comes to mind is Padang Bai, roughly one hour away from Ubud. Central Ubud is usually where the shuttle bus has its stops for free pick-up. If you are residing away from Central Ubud, you can pay extra for a private car to pick you up. Or you can take a taxi to Ubud Central. All of the above you can pick in our booking platform with super-easy user interface


Traveling from Canggu

How to get to Gili Air from Canggu? The easiest way to get from Canggu to Gili Air is by speed boat. The journey will take around 3 hours depending on the time of day, sea conditions, how many other ships are in the area, etc.

The best harbor for traveling from Canggu is Padang Bai or Sanur. Travel time to Padang bai is half an hour and to Padang Bai around one hour.

The Lawn in Canggu

Best time to visit Gili Air

The best time for a trip from Bali to Gili is in the dry season (October-April). The weather is not too hot, and it's easy to find cheap tickets if you book ahead of traveling. Many festivals happen during this period, some of which attract people from all over Indonesia.

What should I do at Gili Air?

When arriving on one of the Gilis, someone will be waiting with an umbrella and holding up a sign with your name or guesthouse name on it. This person always asks how long you plan to stay before deciding whether they need another boat back home after dropping off their group members. Some people like to spend the day exploring the island before coming back that evening or staying for a week. Another option is to take a boat from Padang Bai (north coast of Bali), where several ports offer lower prices than on Gili Trawangan and offer free pick-up service, but you have to arrange this in advance with them.

How can you get the most out of your time on Gili Air? The crystal clear water and coral reefs are must-sees, but what about those surface intervals? You could spend all day lounging by the beach or try one of many other great activities. There's scuba diving to explore underwater worlds filled with colorful fish and turtles.

Sunbeds on Gili Air

What is the best company to get from Bali to Gili Air?

The most popular fast boat company is Ostina Fastboat, although there are others. The good thing about this company is that it offers a range of prices and schedules to meet your needs. Another option for booking tickets online is the Eka Jaya fast boat and Bluewater express.

Ostina 3 Fast boat

Purchase your ticket online

Ferry tickets are available for purchase at the fast boat terminal; you can either buy them there with cash or an ATM card and then go to the office across the road from the terminal. Alternatively, you can pre-order your ticket online before arriving in Bali by using our website.

DuckFerries takes pride in supplying travelers with an easy and convenient user interface for booking tickets from Bali to Gili Air Islands. You can pay by credit card or PayPal account; select your choice of airport pick-up or villa delivery; enjoy speedy service 365 days a year at affordable prices!

Complete schedule & how-to

  1. At least 48 hours before your planned traveling day, buy tickets online. You can do that here
  2. Pack everything you will need on the micro-island Gili Air. Possibly you can leave some of the stuff behind. Chances are you will need just a fraction of things you have on Bali
  3. On a traveling day, prepare your ticket. You can have it ready on your phone or print it. You can either wait in the lobby of your hotel or get to the pick-up point near yours. Or you get to the harbor. Either way, don't stress if the shuttle bus is late, it's more like a rule than an exception.
  4. When you get to the harbor, you have to get thru the check-in process - which means they will check your name against the passenger's list and take your luggage.
  5. Wait for the boarding and board the shit
  6. When you arrive at Gili Air, someone with the name of your accommodation or the name of your hotel will be waiting for you. Alternatively, you can get one of those horse carriages which help you take your luggage. The fee is around 200K IDR, and it is not included in the price of the Fast-boat. Think of it as a taxi service.

What are reputable fast boat companies to go with

You cannot go wrong with Ospina Fast boat, Eka Jaya fast boat, and Bluewater. The last one from the list is a little bit more pricey, but they are also more attentive and are known for excellent service.

Getting back from Gili Air to Bali

If you bought a return ticket (you should because you might be legible for 10% discount), you could skip the next step.

You will first need a ticket. Go to the ticketing office, for that, you will have to make it to Gili Trawangan. The ticketing office can be found at the end of Gili Trawangan's main street, just before you reach the pier. You'll see it on your left - a small house with an orange roof and blue shutters is closed for renovation but still open to selling tickets. There are no set hours, so make sure you go in daylight and don't wait until evening when they might not be there anymore!

Getting around the Gili Air by bicycle

Bikes are the fastest way to get around Gili Islands. Rentals can be found easily, and there is a wide variety of bikes available, including Wim Cycle's 'Fatman' beach cycle model with oversized tires, which enables you to cruise over sandy paths easier than cycles with conventional-sized tyres. Bicycles that come equipped with front baskets are perfect for holding your drinks bottles or small bag while biking on the islands. Daily rentals range from 5 USD - 10 USD depending on bike type; electric bicycles tend to cost more (around $40) but offer an easy means of transportation without needing fuel!