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Malaysian Islands by speed boat 

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Malaysia and Langkawi fast boat & ferry service

One of the most popular forms of travel would be a fast boat to and from Malaysia. Using our easy and reliable services, which have been tried and tested to ensure quality and security, you can book a seat onboard one of the Fast Boat operators from either Redang Island or Lang Tengah Island to Perhentian Island. Booking a round trip ticket to Kapas Island and ferry ticket to Langkawi Island is only a few clicks away.

How to get to Perhentian Islands or Redang Islands? 

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands

Fast boat to Perhentian Islands

Speed boat services leave from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands leave every 30 minutes. The journey is a mere 40 minutes with the closest Airport to Kuala Besut being in Kota Bahru. Heading in a northerly direction, the bus to the Airport is a one-hour journey. There is however a larger Airport in the Southern City of Kuala Terengganu, which is approximately a one-and-a-half-hour journey with a bus from the Kuala Besut jetty. 

Fast boat to Redang Island

The fast boat to the Redang Island departs almost every hour from the Merang Jetty which is located halfway between Kuala Besut and the Southern City Kuala Terengganu. The distance from the Sultan Mahmud Airport to Merang Jetty it is only 30 km. Taking a bus from Kuala Terengganu to Merang Jetty would take about 45 minutes. From Merang Jetty to Redang Island it is another 45 minutes by fast boat.

Fast boat Lang Tengah Island

The Fast boat to Lang Tengah Island usually departs the Merang Jetty 4 times a day. It is also possible to travel by a fast boat between Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island from Kuala Besut to Perhererian Besar.

Perhentian Islands - Kencil

Perhentian Islands - Kencil

Lang Tengah - Summer bay

Lang Tengah - Summer bay

Redang Island

Redang Island

How to get to Langkawi?

Since it is a frequently visited Island, Langkawi has many options for travel. The daily operations are served mainly by boats and ferries that connect Langkawi to the cities of the mainland of Malaysia. There is also an International Airport that has regular flights to Singapore, China, Thailand to Qatar. The commute by ferry from Kuala Pelis or Kuala Kedah takes approximately one-and-a-half hours and costs around €5. Conversely, traveling to Penang will take up to 3 hours and cost about €13.

Bear in mind that Thailand and Malaysia are or two different time zones, albeit only by one hour, traveling from Thailand to Malaysia, set your watches one hour ahead. For example: Traveling from Koh Lipe to Langkawi takes 1.5Hours however, your watch will read that 2.5hours have elapsed in local time. The opposite is exact heading from Langkawi to Koh Lipe as even though the journey time remains 1.5hours, only 30 mins would have passed in local time once you arrive in Thailand. The tickets from Koh Lipe to Langkawi start at €50, and the price for a fast boat from Langkawi to Koh Lipe is the same.

If you go from Thailand to Langkawi, it is best to travel from Satun to Langkawi as it is only 1h15min (+1hour time change) for about €10. The low season, which starts in June and ends in November, limits the number of fast boat trips from Koh Lipe to Langkawi and from Satun to Langkawi as well.



Perhentian Islands 

Almost every hour there are boats traveling to either Perhentian Besar or to Perhentian Kecil. There are also water taxis ready to take you to all the beaches or even to the nearby island where both islands have many resorts. If you already know where you are going to stay, you can choose which port is the closest to your accommodation. The following are examples of the three most commonly used jetties for both Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil however, many of the resorts have their own pier and the skipper will drop you off precisely at your hotel if you wish.

Perhentian Jety

Perhentian Jety

Fast boat from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Besar - where to get off? 

  • The Perhentian Island resort has a jetty that is also convenient for everyone who wishes to go to Coral View Resort or The Barat Perhentian.
  • Tuna Bay Island resort also has its jetty that is useful for people going to Cozy Chalet, Abdul Chalet, or Suhaila Palace.
  • Arwana Eco beach has a jetty in front of the Arwana Perhentian resort.
    This jetty is also the option for travelers that want to reach Flora Bay Resort or Bayu Dive Lodge.

Fast boat Kuala Besut to Perhentian Kecil - where to get off?

  • Jetty Kampung Nelayan is on the southeast of the Kecil island, also known as the Fisherman Village, which is facing the Perhentian Besar. There are also many homestays and budget hotels like Sea Life Inn of Mentari Save park.
  • Long Beach in the central-east part of Kecil Island, the most well-known is the BuBu Long beach resort that has the main jetty. There are many other accommodations like Matahari Chalet or Moonlight Chalet on the beach.
  • Coral Bay is on the opposite side of Long Beach in the western central part of the Kecil Island. There is resort Shari-la Island resort, Senja Bay resort, Ombak resort.
  • There are also many resorts located on the way among the cost, and the skipper will stop for you. Make sure to mention your accommodation when booking your transfer to Perhentian Island to be dropped off at your best location.

Redang Island

The simplest way to visit Redang Island is to let someone else arrange everything and just tag along. Luckily it is rather easy. The best time to come to Redang Island is in the visiting season, which is from March to October. The sea is rather unsafe for the boats in the monsoon season, and the resorts close. The Island is busier as a rule during the public holidays, long weekends, and in June when there are school holidays in Malaysia and Singapore. It is better to book your tickets for fast boats (on our website) and accommodation in Redang Island in advance. It does not matter if you are coming down to the airport of Kuala Tenengradu or you are camping on a bus. Either way, it is convenient to take a taxi that will bring you to Merang Jetty in only 30-40 minutes. It is also possible to go with the public ferry from the Shahbandar Jetty; however, it is slow, and it stops only at Kampung Jetty. From there, it is very far from places like Pasir Panjang long beach or Wisana Village. To get a water taxi is also more difficult in Redang Island as it is not very popular. It is better to go from Merang Jetty that it is only 30 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from the bus station in Kuala Tenengradu. The fast boat trip from Merang Jetty to Redang Island is only 45 minutes.

Redang Island - Marine Park

Redang Island - Marine Park

Fast boat from Merang to Redang Island - where to get off?

There are generally three jetties that are most frequently used by visitors. 

  • The most popular is Pasir Panjang (Long Beach) - This beautiful place has many famous resorts like Pelangi resort, Sari Pacifica resort and spa. If you are going to Laguna resort, it is also possible to arrange to drop off directly at the hotel jetty. 
  • Kalong Jetty (Redang Teluk) is the place if you want to visit the Wisana Village or to go camping on the Redang campsite. Also, this is where the Redang Mutiara Beach Resort is located.  
  • Kampung Jetty is the main port that connects the Northern Terrace beach with a paved road. Nearby there is a small airport not used for regular flights. It only takes 15 minutes from the Kampung Jetty to the famous Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. 
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