Limbongan Maju

Best way from Johor River to Singapore or Batam

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Select Limbongan Maju if

  • you want great ratio between price and service
  • you are looking for good budget option

Boat Features

  • 200 seats
  • Air conditioning
  • Sundeck
  • Toilet
  • TV screens playing a movie


  • Customer service working from 8:00 to 20:00
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Limbongan Maju

Limbongan Maju is a privately own company that specializes in operating and managing ferry services primarily in the state of Johor/Malaysia waters. LM has plans to expand the current ferry services to include the ferry from Tanjung Belungkor to Indonesian islands such as Batam and Bintan soon. LM is also currently exploring the feasibility of introducing Roll-On-Roll-Off boat to Singapore and Batam.